Colloquium Raya Muttarak (IIASA, Austria).- Human migration in the face of global climate change

Organitza: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics

Lloc: Virtual

Hora: 12:00 - 13:00

Ponent: Raya Muttarak (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria)

Títol: Human migration in the face of global climate change

Abstract: Will greater frequency and intensity of climate hazards push vulnerable populations out of their home in search for a better life? Will there be mass migration of climate migrants coming to Europe? With the global average temperatures continuing to rise, these are the questions commonly seen in the media and public debates. Migration however is a complex process and is often determined by several factors at the individual, household and country levels. This talk presents current empirical evidence on the relationship between climate change and migration based on both systematic literature review and meta-analysis of quantitative studies as well as empirical analysis of micro-census data for 65 countries. We also explore the role of climate change as a potential driver of migration by considering both the direct and indirect pathways through which climate change may influence migration decision. We will look at why people migrate or do not migrate, under what conditions and who the migrants are. Finally, we discuss how future migration patterns may look like under future climate change.

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