COLLOQUIUM Gabriele Doblhammer (University of Rostock) Health, Dementia and Cognitive Decline in Aging Populations - how can Demographic Research help to meet these Challenges?

Organitza: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics

Lloc: Semipresencial

Hora: 12:00 - 13:00


Demographers have been using registry and administrative data for a long time. In epidemiology and public health, population-based observational studies using process-produced claims data, such as health services data, provide important information on health events. These data sources are now more widely available and, together with population-based survey data, provide information on health developments and protective as well as risk factors. I will discuss to what extent the epidemiological measures obtained from health insurance data accurately reflect disease incidence and associated mortality. Our latest findings based on data from the German statutory health and long-term care insurance schemes indicate that rising life expectancy is accompanied by an increase in healthy life years and a compression of life years with dementia and the need for long-term care. The presence of dementia is one of the most important factors influencing survival into old age. In Germany, population ageing and increasing life expectancy will result in dementia being the most common disease at the time of death among older women and the second most common among men by 2060, when the morbidity profile will remain the same. By combining our research based on health service data with panel data, we have been able to deepen our knowledge of important risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia. These risk factors range from macro factors such as environment and air pollution, to social and demographic factors such as education and living with a partner, to lifestyle factors such as physical activity, and individual medication history.


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Tema: COLLOQUIUM Gabriele Doblhammer
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