Knowledge transfer

Applied Demography covers the demand from entities, companies, and both public and private institutions for specific studies incorporating the demographic perspective in their analysis. These studies, part of the domain of knowledge transfer between the academic world and the social, economic and institutional sphere, are formalised by means of contracts or partnership agreements. The kinds of studies carried out vary in accordance with the needs and specificities of each client (companies, entities, institutions, et cetera). These may be summarised into three main groups of demand types:

Development of indicators and new analytical methodologies, in addition to production and treatment of a range of sources of information (surveys, population registers and other sources of data).

Carrying out studies on recent sociodemographic changes, with regard both to demographic dynamics and other social phenomena associated with human populations which are facing the challenge of considering new forms of management (phenomena like changes in forms of coexistence, or job market participation, or demographic ageing, among others).

Responding to the needs of private companies and public administrations for population estimates and forecasts (activity, education, households and other characteristics) on different territorial scales and within a range of time frames, with the aim of anticipating the impact on the demand for goods and services arising from population changes and the sociodemographic characteristics of populations.


The CED is a key centre in Catalonia and Spain in the production of population forecasts and socio-demographic studies