Facts and history

The Centre for Demographic Studies (CED), is a CERCA center, which is located on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (map and location), was founded in 1984 with three basic aims: 1) to promote basic and applied research; 2) Teaching of two kinds – specific training courses and postgraduate studies; and, 3) Dissemination of knowledge concerning population in Catalonia by means of publications, seminars and lectures.

The CED is a public consortium with independent legal status. It has a Governing Council consisting of representatives from the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia and its Scientific Advisory Board, by members of recognized prestige (governing bodies).

More than sixty people, including researchers and technical and administrative staff, presently work at the CED (directory). Dr. Albert Esteve has been director of the Centre since 2015. The previous director was Dr. Anna Cabré, whose work to develop the institution eventually led it to be situated among Europe’s top five centres for demographic research. She is now Honorary Director of the CED.

In July 2015, the CED was awarded the Narcís Monturiol Plaque for Scientific and Technological Merit. These awards were instituted by the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia in 1982 in order to honour individuals and entities which have made outstanding contributions to the development of science and technology in Catalonia.

The Centre for Demographic Studies was founded in 1984 with a threefold mission: promoting (basic and applied) research; training, and disseminating knowledge about populations. Dr. Anna Cabré was director of the CED until 2014
Dr. Jordi Nadal i Oller, to whom we owe the creation of the Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics, commissioned by the Generalitat de Catalunya. He was president of its Governing Council until 2008.
Professor Anna Cabré was director of the Centre from its inception until 2014. Under her leadership, the CED became one of Europe’s centres of reference in population studies