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Workshop for the Health, Morbidity and Mortality Working Group from EAPS

Organize: EAPS Health, morbidity and mortality working group

Venue: Budapest (Hongria)

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Elisenda Rentería Pérez; Jeroen Spijker; Sergi Trias Llimós; Júlia Almeida Calazans; Gabriele Doblhammer. Recent trends in multiple causes of death associated with dementia in Spain: educational differences and its impact on life expectancy. Tipus de participació: Comunicació.

Jeroen Spijker; Paula Vázquez. Changes in the modal age at death of ageing- and behaviour-related diseases in the US: A multiple causes of death approach. Tipus de participació: Comunicació.

Iñaki Permanyer Ugartemendia; Timothy Riffe. Calculating a state occupancy distribution in multistate settings. Tipus de participació: Comunicació.