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European Consortium for Sociological Research-ECSR 2018. Causes and Consequences of Inequalities in Europe

Organize: Observatoire Sociologique du Changement (Sciences Po & CNRS); European Consortium for Sociological Research

Venue: SciencesPo, París (França)

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Diederik Boertien; Milan Bouchet-Valat. Where and why did changes in earnings homogamy contribute to earnings inequality? A comparative study of 22 countries. Tipus de participació: Comunicació.

Diederik Boertien; Daniele Vignoli. Legalizing same-sex marriage matters for all same-sex couples' subjective well-being. Tipus de participació: Pòster.

Sergi Vidal; Philipp M. Lersch; Marita Jacob; Karsten Hank. Intergenerational correlations in women's work-family life course trajectories in Germany. Tipus de participació: Pòster.