COLLOQUIUM Andrea Verhulst (U. of Pennsylvania): "New data and models of under-5 mortality by detailed age"

Organize: Centre d'Estudis Demogràfics

Venue: Virtual

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Title: New data and models of under-5 mortality by detailed age

Abstract: The under-5 mortality rate is a key mortality indicator routinely used for tracking progress in child health and social development. This indicator, however, conceals important information about the distribution of mortality by age. For guiding and evaluating health policies, it is critical to examine how the risk of mortality varies within the 0-5 age range. This includes not only the standard breakdowns at 28 days (for neonatal mortality) and 1 year (for infant mortality), but also detailed information by weeks, months, and years of age.

In this presentation, I will present an overview of the results of the project ‘Global age pattern of under-5 mortality’ led by Michel Guillot at the University of Pennsylvania. This project involves the compilation of a database of under-5 mortality by detailed age and the development of new models for summarizing regularities about how the under-5 mortality is distributed by detailed age groups across the world. The presentation will also focus on the application of these models across different settings.

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