Andreu Domingo, Xiana Bueno i Rocío Treviño imarteixen la conferència "Bye, Bye old census, Hello big Data? The debate on the 2021 census in Spain".

Organize: Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics

Venue: Virtual

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Andreu Domingo; Xiana Bueno; Rocío Treviño.- Bye, Bye old census, Hello big Data? The debate on the 2021 census in Spain.

For the 2021 census round, the traditional population census in Spain will be replaced by one based on links between population records and administrative registered data, coupled with big data and an ad hoc survey. In order to provoke debate on this matter, the genealogy of the changes regarding the transformation of the censuses in the world will be presented first, a mapping of what their situation was in the 2010 round. Secondly, the result of a qualitative work, with 30 in-depth interviews in producers and users of census data corresponding to three disciplines – Sociology, Demography and Geography. The opinions, reflections, criticisms, and suggestions obtained have been ordered in three different sections: methodological, epistemological and political, the latter referring to the inclusion of big data generated by private companies. The conclusions include recommendations on the production process and evaluation of the census, as well as on the requirements for researchers in front of a new method of construction of the population census.