Generations and Life Course


Life courses have become more diverse and complex in recent decades, which has been associated with rising inequality and uncertainty. This research area aims to better understand these phenomena by adopting a longitudinal perspective, addressing individual life courses from childhood to old age. It examines how recent demographic and social dynamics affect family, employment, or spatial mobility trajectories. It analyzes links between the diversity of life trajectories and socio-economic inequalities, addressing the long-term consequences of childhood experiences as well as events that occur during adult life. It delves into changes and relationships across generations, addressing intergenerational transmissions, from parents to children, as a mechanism for reproducing (dis)advantages. Finally, methodologies for the analysis of longitudinal data are used and developed.


Sergi Vidal
Sergi Vidal 'Ramón y Cajal' Research Fellow Ph.D in Political and Social Sciences (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Diederik Boertien
Diederik Boertien 'Ramón y Cajal' Research Fellow Ph.D in Political and Social Sciences (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Maike van Damme
Maike van Damme Researcher Ph.D. in Sociology (Tilburg University)
Ariane Ophir
Ariane Ophir Researcher Ph.D in Sociology (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Jianji Chen
Jianji Chen Junior Researcher (China Scholarship Council/UAB) Bachelors' Degree in Economics (Southwest University)
Min Zhu
Min Zhu Junior Researcher (China Scholarship Council/UAB) Bachelor's Degree in Sociology (Minzu University of China)
Albert Esteve Palós
Albert Esteve Palós Director of the CED and Professor Dept. of Sociology (UAB)
Ph.D in Demography (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
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