Maike van Damme

ORCID 0000-0003-1080- 9789 Researcher

Educational qualifications: Ph.D. in Sociology (Tilburg University)
Research Theme/s: Elderly Care, Generations and Life Course, Social Stratification

Maike van Damme is a postdoc in sociology at CED and Demosoc, Pompeu Fabra University, working on family life and social inequalities in cross-national comparative perspective. She has a PhD from Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and worked subsequently at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona; LISER, Luxembourg; and the Institute for Sociology and Social-Psychology, Cologne. At the moment she works together with Dr. Sergi Vidal on residential mobility. Her research interests entail socio-economic causes and consequences of union dissolution and the process of relationship break-up, as well as fertility and the division of labour in couples. More specifically, she examines the consequences of the Great Recession for union formation and dissolution; housing density and breaking-up; status inconsistencies in the couple and marital conflict; intimate partner violence in comparative perspective; and the conceptualization and operationalization of gender ideologies.