Barcelona Four Seasons School of Demography - Bcn4Seasons School

The Barcelona Four Seasons School of Demography (Bcn4Seasons School) programme consists of short courses offering the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge of sociodemographic topics and associated techniques that are applicable to social sciences in general. This innovative educational programme is led by the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED – Centre for Demographic Studies), an internationally renowned sociodemographic research centre addressing population-related issues and affiliated with leading international networks and associations. The outstanding quality of its research work has been acknowledged both nationally and internationally. The CED brings together a research team that is well known for its contributions to the advancement of social sciences through highly relevant publications and projects funded by competitive calls at the European and national levels. Students will receive up-to-date, relevant training that will enhance their professional development under the guidance of lecturers who, through their research, significantly contribute to their field of study. The Bcn4Seasons School  also benefits from 40 years of experience of the CED in managing excellent postgraduate programmes. Additionally, the Bcn4Seasons School format is inspired by, and replicates the successful experience of the BaRcelona Summer School of Demography which, presently being offered for the fifth time, teaches demographic techniques using the statistical package R.

Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics - Campus Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Bellaterra (Barcelona)



    What is the registration deadline?

    Each course has its own registration deadline, which is indicated in the course outline. We recommend early registration and payment of the fee to secure your place in the course.

    Are there any prerequisites for these courses?

    The prerequisites vary depending on the course but, typically, a minimum of having completed some undergraduate level courses is expected. Specific requirements for prior knowledge are detailed in the course outline.

    Do courses have limited places?

    Yes, places are limited so those who first register and pay the fee will secure their place in the course. This also applies to Barcelona Summer School of Demography students who register through the Special process, which grants direct access if they are registered in two other Bcn4Seasons School courses. Students registered for the Barcelona Summer School of Demography courses through the Standard registration process will be selected based on information they sent in the motivation letter and the Curriculum Vitae.

    What is the course duration?

    Each course typically lasts for a week and amount to a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 20 hours. However, the Barcelona Summer School of Demography is conceived as four-module course in the R statistical language, taught in four weeks. Students can therefore opt for participating in entire course or any of the individual modules. You will find more information in each course’s information outline.

    Is there a registration fee?

    Yes, the registration fee is 300 euros for each basic-level course and 400 euros for each advanced-level course. The registration fee for each course is clearly stated in each course’s programme.

    How do I apply for the course?

    The students have to fill in the registration form accessible through the link provided in the course programme details. Once the form is completed and submitted, the student will receive an e-mail with the bank details and PayPal information to pay the course fee within a week. After paying the fee, students must send the Bank or PayPal payment receipt to The student will then receive an email confirming that he/she/they is registered in the course. Barcelona Summer School of Demography has specific registration processes: The first one is the Standard registration process, which requires you to go through a selection process. The second one is the Special registration process, which grants automatic access to the Barcelona Summer School of Demography if you are registered for two other courses of the Bcn4Seasons School.

    How can I pay the registration fee?

    Fees can be paid through bank transfer or Paypal. After receiving the confirmation of your course application via e-mail, you will also be provided with the necessary bank details for your course fee payment.

    Can I attend the course online?

    Attending online courses is possible with those taught in a hybrid modality or, in other words, those that can be attended online and in person. On-site courses require that students attend classes at the Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED) on the campus of the Campus de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Whether the course is hybrid or on-site only is stated in the course outline. Online courses will be taught via Google Meets. Online attendants will need a computer with an adequate Internet connection, audio, and webcam to allow adequate participation in the online sessions. When registering for hybrid courses attendants are asked to indicate, when filling in the enrolment form, whether they wish to attend the course online or on site.

    Do I need to take a laptop to the on-site courses?

    The course outline indicates whether the students need to take a laptop, or install programs such as R or Stata, or any other requirement. Students are responsible for acquiring and installing programmes that might be required for attending the course.

    Does the course cover accommodation or transportation fees?

    No, participants are expected to pay their own travel and living costs while in Barcelona.

    Is there a certificate upon completion of the course?

    Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    For cancellations made more than two months before the course starting date, payment will be reimbursed although an administrative charge of 50 euros will be made. Alternatively, a voucher for enrolment in another course will be issued. For cancellations made between two months and two weeks before the course's starting date, 50% of the course fee will be refunded, or a voucher for enrolment free of charge in another course will be issued. For cancellations made less than two weeks before the course’s starting date, no refund will be made. For students who benefit from direct access to Barcelona Summer School of Demography, having enrolled through the Special Registration Process, in the event of cancelling their participation in the Bcn4Seasons School courses, a voucher will be issued for them to attend another course of the same cost. Extenuating circumstances will be considered at the organiser’s discretion. Registered participants in courses that are cancelled by the Barcelona Four Seasons School of Demography (Bcn4Seasons) will be entitled to claim a full refund of the course fee.

    Can I evaluate the course?

    Yes, each student will be able to evaluate the teaching quality.

    How can I get in touch with you?

    If you have any more questions or need further information, please contact us through
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